Mindíg emlékezz / Always Remember

Rendező/Director: Lei Tao

Xiao Fan is an ordinary high school student in a small town in Northwest China and is in every sense a typical child born in the 1980s. He has two sworn friends: Jun and Keming. In those sunshine days, the three boys lived an almost carefree life playing together and doing all kinds of fun things.
Then one day, Xiao Fan suddenly changed. His eyes were now always on a pretty girl in a junior grade. Who could that be? In spite of laughing at his silliness, Jun and Keming began to collect information about this pretty girl, apparently wanting to be of some help. However, right during this process, very subtle changes were aroused in their inner feelings...
Those youthful days have left their marks on the three youngsters. The regretless youth and the vexation of growing up have all disappeared along with the passage of time. And with beautiful memories of the youth, they bid farewell to each other and went on their separate ways.
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