A nagy fejű fiú / The Big Head Boy

Rendező/Director: Liu Yongming, Xiao Honglin

In a hot summer afternoon, a naughty big head boy harassed the once quite henhouse by stealing an egg laid by the hen for the sake of praying for good fortune by erecting an egg at noon (a custom adopted by the Chinese in their Dragon Boat Festival).
When he came back to the three-section compound (a central building with two wings attached perpendicular to either side), he tried every method to erect the egg, but all his efforts was in vain. In a burst of anger he broke all the eggs and stole the oblation that was still on the sacrifice table. When he was enjoying his eating of the sacrifice food, there were dark clouds gathering in the sky accompanying lightning. The hen also came to the three-section compound for the purpose of finding her eggs. When the hen saw the broken eggs it flew into a great rage and began to run after the big head boy. Therefore the summer afternoon was no longer quite.
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