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The Mouse with a Mouth

The animation film titled The Mouse with a Mouth was made based on the tale of Ervin Lázár, which was directed by Andrea Kiss. The exhibition from the script to the follow up works tells the main phases with the help of the graphics taken from the film. The goal of the exhibition is to give knowledge of the film in the professional spheres (producers, distributors, film institutions), and to provide information for the viewers about the preparation of the film, and to comprehensively introduce the animation techniques used in the film.


17 June Wednesday, 11 h, Cultural Center


Recollection Fractions

The world of tales of Gizella N. Csathó (1939 - 2008)

Gizella N. Csathó left behind a rich life career, she was a colourful, varied creator. She worked at Pannónia Film Studio for 35 years. First as the director of the painting and tracing department, then as a background painter. She was present at the great age of the first Hungarian animated film. She worked together with such artists, as Attila Dargay, József Gémes, József Nepp, Zsolt Richly and Marcell Jankovics. She made the set designs of feature films and series. Such great works are connected to her name, as Hugó, the Hippopotamus, the Cantinflashow, The Little Fox, Háry János, Szaffi, the New Iliász, The Captain of the Forest, Vili, the Sparrow, or The Princess and the Goblin. In addition from the 1980s she dealt with icon, silk, wood and glass painting, as well. In the last years of her life she lived in Balatonalmádi, collaborating in the artistic life of the city. At her painting exhibition many of her one time colleagues were present.

The exhibition, which commemorates the human and artistic greatness of the life achievement of Gizella N. Csathó - or as she was called by everyone - Ticsu, will be opened by Zsolt Richly.

17 June, Wednesday, 15 h, Cultural Center




The genre history of graffiti is shown by the exhibition based on the photos of Ferenc Hajdú József. The introduction creator is Taker. During the time of the exhibition we will show the film of the Italian graffiti artist, the creation of Blu, the film titled Muto. This film is not only special in terms of a technical challenge, but it is an outstanding creation as an animation film.

The newest work of Taker will be made on the square before the Cultural Centre within the framework of the Museum's Nights programme series, so the audience can be a part of the creative process of the graffiti artists.



17 June, Wednesday, 11 h, Cultural Center


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