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The Best Animation Films of the World in Kecskemét


 „Let’s be Europeans in Hungary, let’s be Hungarians in Europe” – the 9th animation film festival is organised in Kecskemét between 17-21 June 2009 in the spirit of Zoltán Kodály’s thought. The review with now a 24-year history has an exceptionally good reputation in the international world of animation: the festival of Kecskemét is one of the 12 most important animation festivals of the world. It also stands out from the local, quite rich selection of festivals, as KAFF is not only a review of animated films, but also a festival of the totality of arts. In addition to film screenings musical, theatrical, puppetry programmes and professional events can also be found in its selection, and moreover, this year the city organises the Wine and Pálinka Celebration at the same time with the festival.


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An Oscar-winner director will be the jury president

In 2009 KAFF will be for the 9th time in Kecskemét

It has just been the end of the 8th KAFF in Kecskemét, but the organising committee is preparing for the next review with a full blast, which will be in the schedule of the number of nine. Therefore it will be organised in 2009, and this will be the 9th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival.


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