Regulation Print

KAFF 2009
6th European Festival of Animated Feature Films and TV Specials
June 17-21, 2009


1. Administration:

The regulation of this Festival considers the rules of the Association Internationale du Film d'Animation / International Animated Film Association (ASIFA) and the ethic codes of the European Coordination of Film Festival.

2. Official Languages:

The official languages of the Festival are Hungarian and English.

3. Qualification for Entries:

The following qualifications are required for entry works in the Festival:

(1) Entry works - feature (min. 52 minutes) and TV-Special (min.24 minutes)- shall be made "frame by frame", including computer graphics animation.
(2) Entry works shall be either on VHS or on DVD.
(3) Films will be presented in 35mm (optical sound) projection format, should have a 3m leader.

(4) BETACAM SP is acceptable for the screening but only in PAL format. Videotapes shall start with a colour bar for 3 minutes and 5 seconds black.

(5) We accept only DVD-s to European specification.

(6)Videotapes shall be on standard 3/4 inch cassettes in PAL format. VHS PAL tape only acceptable for selection. 

(7) Works shall be those that have been completed after 1st February 2007.
(8) Copyrighted characters, scripts, music, etc., cannot be used in the works without the copyright owner's agreement. Failure to obtain such agreement will result in the disqualification of the work from the competition.
(9) Each film or videotape shall contain only one work.

4. Entry Procedures:

(1) We prefer online submissions ( Printed and signed entry forms must be sent together with films/videos/DVD-s to the Festival Office.
(2) For works with narration or dialogue, the script must be enclosed. If any narration or dialogue is spoken in a language other than the official languages of the Festival, an English translation must be attached to the script. It is desired that the films or videotapes have English subtitles.

(3) One entry form is required for each work.

(4) No entry fee is required.
(5) Works shall be sent as follows:

a) Films:
I. Each 35mm film containing one work shall be wound around a core. The film shall have the title of the work clearly printed on the leader.
II. Each film shall be sent in a canister inside an adequate shipping container.
b) Videotapes / DVD-s
I Each cassette / DVD shall contain one work.
II Each cassette / DVD shall have the title clearly written on it.
III Each cassette / DVD shall be sent in an adequate shipping container.

(6) The container shall be clearly identified with the required information.

(7) All films/videotapes/DVD-s will be sent at the sender's risk. Any works sent collect on delivery will be refused.

(8) Entry forms and films/videos/DVD-s should reach the festival office until the following date:

28th February 2009.

5. Insurance of Entry Works:

(1) The Organizing Committee will insure the safety of films and cassettes from the time of delivery to the Festival 0ffice until the time of delivery to the return address indicated on the entry from.
(2) In case of loss or damage to a film or videotape, the obligation of the Organizing Committee is limited to compensating the entrant only to the extent of the colt of making a new print or videotape transfer.

6. Selections and Competition:

(1) The Organizing Committee will select the members of the International Selection Committee and the International Jury in accordance with ASIFA regulations.
(2) The selection will take place after the 10th of March 2009.
(3) If the work is selected it must arrive in 35 mm / BETACAM SP PAL / DVD format by 30th April 2009.
(4) The official competition will be from June 17 to 21, 2009.
(5) The decisions of the International Selection Committee and the International Jury will be considered final, and no questions regarding the decisions will be accepted.

7. Festival Prizes and Cash Awards:

(1) The official prizes are:


(2) The Organizing Committee also welcomes certain organizations wishing to present its own special prizes and cash awards.

8. Screening:

(1) It will be the responsibility of the International Selection Committee to select the works for the competition program. The final selection will be based on the time available for the screenings, as specified by the Organizing Committee.
(2) It will be the International Jury's responsibility to decide the program format of prize-winning entries to be shown at the closing session of the Festival, based on the time available for this screening, which shall be specified by the Organizing Committee.

9. Promotional Use of Works:

Unless otherwise indicated on the entry form, the entrant grants the Organizing Committee the right to use part (10% and max. 3 minutes) of the entry or related materials for publicity purposes of the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival.

10. Gifts or Donation of Film Prints

The Organizing Committee of the Festival is delighted to receive any loan or donation of prints of each works participating. Film selection is no way influenced by a decision to deposit a copy or not in the Festival Archives.

11. Return of Works:

The Organizing Committee will start returning screening copies to the address indicated on the entry form within two weeks after the Festival has ended.

12. Matters Not Mentioned in the Regulations:

The Organizing Committee will decide matters not mentioned in these regulations.

13. Acceptance of the Regulations:

By submitting the entry form for the Festival, the entrant accepts the terms of the present regulations as stated in this document. The entrant declares to have the right to broadcast the copyrighted elements if there is any.

14. Entry materials should be addressed to:

6000 Kecskemét, Liszt Ferenc utca 21., Hungary
Tel/fax: (36)76/ 481-788, 481-787
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ferenc Mikulás
Festival Director

6000 Kecskemét, Liszt Ferenc u. 21.
Tel: 76/ 481-788, Fax: 481-787